The Real Weight Diet

Easy Effortless Weight Loss Without Suffering!

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What is RealW8?

Real W8 changes the way we digest, absorb and metabolize sugar, so that we don’t get the damaging sugar spikes that we normally would. Not only do these sugar spikes promote weight gain through easier fat storage by the body, these higher sugar spikes also do damage to our tissues – to the eye, kidneys, nerves, the pancreas and to the inside of the blood vessels. High sugar spikes also cause oxidative stress and changes to our brain, making us virtually addicted to these excess carbohydrates. This is what causes our irresistible cravings, which leads to over eating and excess fat storage, trapping us in this downward spiral.
With its powerful weight-loss ingredients, RealW8 tips the scales in your favor by helping you get control of your cravings.

RealW8 is a proprietary blend of 3 powerful key ingredients:
• Raw organic coffee extract – Rich in plant polyphenols (antioxidants) shown to change our glucose metabolism. Our patented extraction method ensures product integrity and optimal benefit delivery. Two capsules contain the caffeine equivalent to one cup of coffee.
• Marine macroalgae extract – The organic seaweed from France is rich in essential marine minerals and polyphenols. It’s designed to inhibit two digestive enzymes, blocking the digestions of both sugar and fat.
• And Nopal cactus – Also called prickly pear, unique plant compounds reduce the absorption of sugars and fats from the gastrointestinal tract.

These are all natural and independently tested to lower sugar spikes and lower carb cravings. Never before has anyone ever put these three top quality ingredients together in this exclusive formula!

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