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Ryan Sahota

“I have been taking Asantae’s RealW8 for about 7 months now, and I have to say the best way to sum up my experience so far is; this is the easiest most effective weight loss product/program I have ever tried.

I have always been over weight, and in my own eyes it didn’t seem like that bad of a problem yet I knew I had to do something about it. A couple of years back I tried a popular 6 week cleanse and after a month and a half of basically starving myself and drinking some not so good tasting shakes/supplements I had managed to lose 24 pounds. The problem was after I was off it I slowly crept back into my old eating habits and before I knew it I was bigger than before.

5 months ago I was asked to be on the RealW8 test group, and I thought sure couldn’t hurt. I went out and bought a new digital scale (the old dial one in the bathroom maxed out at 260) and I was rather disappointed to see I weighed in at a whopping 272 lbs.

Since then I have been taking 2 pills before lunch and dinner, and for the most part cut out the carbs. Despite a typical summer of drinking, fishing, camping, partying and even a couple of stag parties, I am down to 222lbs! And have lost over 25 inches around my body!

The last time I can recall weighing this low was high school, about 7 years ago… And the best part is I have not felt hungry or deprived at all, my cravings for all of the bad foods have been severely curbed and eating smaller portions I feel satisfied. Asantae really hit a home run with this one, it is a product I am extremely grateful for and cannot wait to see how much better I will look 2-3 months from now. Thank you for breaking my addiction to sugar!
This time I know it’s gone for good!”


Dr. Dwight Lundell
Creator of RealW8

“I haven’t really shared my weight loss experience before, but the team should know that I think exercise is critical to good health, and the good news is that it does not take very much to drastically change your health for the better. I am not naturally athletic, but have been riding a road bike for 20 years, mostly on the odd weekend when my very busy practice would allow.

My parents and all my siblings were and are overweight, some have been morbidly obese. I have been overweight but not obese all my adult life, staying in the 195 to 200 pound range.

Four years ago I fell in with the wrong crowd at the gym and started to train for triathlons. I could not run or swim and am still learning those two disciplines. In spite of that, the results at the races have been good, I am a two time Arizona Iron-man Champion, Boise 70.3 Iron-man champion, and I have never placed less than fourth in multiple events ranging from the sprint distance to the Olympic distance to the half Iron-man distance except the two world championship events where I was 7th at the World 70.3 championships and 10th in the Iron-man World Championship in Kona Hawaii in 2009.

By the way, the Iron-man distances are a 2.4 mile swim followed by a 112 mile bike ride followed by a full marathon of 26.2 miles. In spite of this, and being at the best physical fitness level in my life, exercising 15 hours a week, my weight would not budge from the 195 range. Until . . .

I used RealW8!

I am not a good pill taker, but I started when the rest of the team did 6 weeks ago being mostly faithful taking RealW8 prior to lunch and dinner. I now need a belt for my 34 jeans and weight this morning is 180.

Heading for 170 at the launch meetings and hoping to improve the results at the World Championships in Kona on October 8th, proudly representing all of you and the great things that are going to come from millions of pounds lost and millions of lives saved with RealW8.

RealW8 works!”

~ Dr. Dwight Lundell

Tanya Sahota

In late June of 2011, I was invited to be part of a trial test group for a new natural dietary supplement formulated by a cardiovascular surgeon, to help promote weight loss by controlling absorption of sugars into the bloodstream and cravings for sugars and carbs. I was given a very simple list of avoid those foods and eat these foods: Bad list vs good list. No mention of calorie counting, no special meal planning, no “special shakes, bars, juices”, just eat normal foods from the suggested list. Take 2 capsules before lunch and 2 before dinner and see what I notice. Well I noticed I wasn’t feeling hungry, I wasn’t craving any certain foods, I ate till I was full at all meals and yet I dropped 12 pounds in 10 weeks and have continued to drop several more pounds, I have not been working out. I go for occasional bike rides, walks, not a regular workout routine. I have been on 3 or more trips through the fall and Christmas season where I was eating out and still did not gain any weight. I am so excited to have more energy and feel great, fit into clothes I haven’t worn in over 5 or 6 years. It took me 10 years to put on the extra weight and now I can see myself getting back to where I was 10 years ago and with simple lifestyle and diet changes I can see this weight staying off permanently. This is the easiest, simplest weight loss natural supplement I have ever taken and knowing it is stopping my blood sugar from spiking after meals is a bonus! The product is a special combination of only 3 natural ingredients in capsules. This product is now available for purchase! The RealW8 diet is amazing.


Dori ONeill

From an athlete to clinically obese.

Up till my 30′s I was always involved in athletic activities I was always participating in some sport some activity or another.

The odd part was that even when I was officially diagnosed as being obese I was still active. Incredibly active yet I was obese. How could that be?

Looking back after having beaten my sugar addiction I can say that I had a constant need to get sugar and carbohydrate foods into my body. Regardless of my activity level I gained wait. The more my addiction progressed the more sugar that I needed and the fatter I became. It was crazy! Still active still being physically engaged and yet gaining weight.

I was in such denial. I actually was shocked when I was told by my Doctor, that I was clinically obese.

My before and after pictures tell my Sugar addiction story
When you look at my picture I am sure that you might be thinking how could this guy not think he was overweight? Looking back I now know that I was no different than a hard core drug addict. In total denial. Not wanting help. Everything was fine, it was everything else and everybody else that had a problem. I had no idea that I was addicted and I did not realize that my bizarre eating habit’s were caused by an addiction to sugar and carbohydrates.
My before and after pictures even shock me! I never want to go back and RealW8 I never will!

The good news is with RealW8 anyone can conquer their sugar addiction! It is exciting for me to share this information as I truly believe that I can help others end their suffering and improve their chances of living a long healthy life.


Ralph Drexel

I am a diabetic. Twelve years diagnosed and probably 5 or more prior years undiagnosed.

Since 2000, I have been subjected to blood glucose tests (commonly called HbA1c – average plasma glucose concentration over prolonged periods of time; 60 – 90 days) every 3 months for 12 years. I have had my blood glucose HbA1c test results as high as 13.2 mmol/l (US scale 237.6mg/dl) in 2000 and as low as 5.5 mmol/l (US scale 99mg/dl) in January 2012. During the intervening years my blood glucose HbA1c test results were from low 8’s to mid 9’s (US scale 144+ – 171+mg/dl).

I suffer from retinal, neural, renal and blood vessel damage, some minor and others major. The damage is the result of my average blood glucose being well above the normal range (4.5 mmol/l [81 mg/dl] – 6.0 mmol/l [108 mg/dl]) and “spiking” in the blood glucose “stratosphere” after every meal for, at least, 12 years.

The damage to a human being’s internal organs, as a result of elevated blood glucose levels from eating carbohydrates and sugars, although extreme for diabetics, is not exclusive to diabetics. Given our love affair with the typical North American diet of processed and fast foods, sweetened beverages, alcohol, grains (e.g. breads; pastas; oats; breakfast cereals; energy, protein and meal replacement bars; etc.), starches, snack foods, etc., we are all exceeding the normal blood glucose high limit daily and quite likely 3 – 5 times per day. Couple the “blood glucose-raising quality” of the food in the typical North American diet with the large quantities of food being consumed, not only North Americans but also Europeans and now South Asians whether diabetic, pre-diabetic or non-diabetic, are damaging their internal organs and risking illnesses such as heart disease, kidney failure, blindness, diabetes, blood vessel deterioration and a whole bunch more.

Most of us know something about weight/girth gain and loss. It is visible; it is in front of us daily in the media and advertisements; it is part of our visits with the doctor; we talk about it at the water cooler or at coffee, etc. Our size and shape are an integral part of our self-awareness.

Blood glucose does not enjoy the same visibility, notoriety or infamy. Yes, for health professionals, diabetics and others who have an illness which blood glucose is an integral part, there is awareness.

More than the effectiveness of RealW8 on my weight and girth, the most critical and gratifying benefit is RealW8’s impact in reducing and controlling my blood glucose level. Since starting on RealW8 (September 19, 2011 in London England), I have had 2 HbA1c tests – October 4, 2011 when my HbA1c test result was 6.0 mmol/l (108 mg/l); January 4, 2012 when my HbA1c test result was 5.5 mmol/l (99 mg/dl). These results are the very first ones within the normal blood glucose range in more than 12 years.

We should all recognize and understand that a blood glucose level that is “spiking” daily or continuously above the normal range causes irreparable damage to many of our most critical internal organs and systems. It is not just the overweight among us that should be taking RealW8; we all should be on RealW8 to control and maintain our blood glucose level in the normal range.

Ironically, what we promote, weight loss, is not RealW8’s primary target, but is the result of RealW8’s effect on blood glucose to reduce and maintain its level within the normal range. Blood glucose does not have the cache of weight loss and management but blood glucose is the underlying factor in determining our body fat. Reducing and maintaining blood glucose levels to the normal range has a much larger role in human wellness than weight reduction and control. Keeping the blood glucose level from ‘spiking” daily or from remaining continuously above the normal range reduces or eliminates a list of health-related problems too long to list here. To review an extensive list, see Dr Michael Karlfeldt’s Facebook Wall for Monday, January 16, 2012, where he reproduces Nancy Appleton’s 146 reasons “Why Sugar is Ruining Your Health”.

As I listen and read what Dr. Lundell says and writes, I realize how important what happens inside the body is. Yes, weight and inches lost are important but, as Dr. Lundell writes: “ … what is going on inside of all of you, reducing inflammation, reducing risks of chronic illness that means the most to me.”

I am also following Dr. Michael Kardfelt’s writing on his Facebook account. Like Dr. Lundell, Dr. Karfieldt is focused and supportive of what RealW8 can do to reduce the impact of elevated blood glucose.

Yes, I have lost weight and girth. I am no stranger to weight and girth loss. I have lost more than 80 lbs and 13” from my waist since March 2010. Has RealW8 helped? Definitely. Using RealW8, I have lost the last 11 lbs and 1.5” and eliminated consuming my last portions of the carbohydrates from grains without any feeling of hunger. There are no cravings or feelings of deprivation whatsoever. I have more girth to go – 3 to 5” and RealW8 will be the central part of my reduction program.

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