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The Amazing Opportunity

In the last 30 years, the USA has gone from one of the healthiest countries in the world to one of the least healthy. The trends are awful and it’s the world that Americans are leaving their children. It is bleak.

And frankly, this decline can be laid at the feet of America’s domestic obesity crisis…a crisis that gets worse and worse each year.

70% of the USA is now overweight with a whopping 40% obese.

Sadly, Canada is not far behind:

View a Statistics Canada Report (Canadian Health Measures Survey) at:

January 2010

Overweight and obesity lead to:
• Heart disease
• Cancer
• Diabetes
• Many other debilitating degenerative diseases!

How did North Americans get so fat… AND more importantly what can we do?

Well, something different, that’s for sure!!

North Americans have been discussing the obesity crisis for 30 years…mean while, the USA has put a man on the moon, a computer on every desktop, a smart phone in every hand and made breakthroughs in virtually every other area of life!!

Why can’t we solve this crisis

Two reasons:

• We haven’t identified the enemy, and

• The enemy is tough!!

That is until now… Asantae’s scientific team, under the direction of the Yale-trained cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Dwight Lundell, has made the break through, many of us have waiting for!!

The Enemy is Sugar!!

In 1811, Americans consumed 20 pounds of sugar per person a year!

In 1911, Americans consumed 90 pounds of sugar per person a year!

In 2011, Americans now consume 180 pounds of sugar per person a year!!!

Canadian consumption mirrors their American friends.

Empty calories that turn to FAT!!!

And here’s the key point!!

It’s NOT because North Americans eat too much dessert, it’s because North Americans EAT DESSERT ALL DAY LONG.

DESSERT is in EVERYTHING we eat!!!

As we say… Man VS Muffin, muffin always wins!!!

WHY? That’s because the BIG food companies have spent billions of dollars producing and promoting highly processed carb and sugar-rich foods that are VIRTUALLY addictive.

How many times have you tried to resist:

• The breadbasket

• The chips with salsa at your favorite Mexican restaurant

• The donuts at work

Only to come up short…

That’s because you are addicted to sugar…

Well, not any more!!!

RealW8 is the ANSWER!!

The Asantae team has developed the unique and proprietary, natural, safe and powerful formula that will easily and effortlessly lower your sugar and carb cravings!!

Here is how RealW8 works… just 15 minutes before lunch and dinner, take two pills that will reduce or eliminate your sugar spikes… those are the spikes that make your crazy, strip you of focus and will power!!

Your body will no longer crave the carbs and you will begin to make healthy choices!

RealW8 is SIMPLE and it WORKS!!

The two key ingredients are

• Raw coffee extract

• Organic Seaweed

These two specialized natural ingredients have both been independently studied and proven to lower sugar spikes and lower carb cravings… BUT NO ONE has ever put these two together… Until Now!

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