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Sugar and You

Well the tides are turning, as awareness about the dangers of sugar equals fat, keeps making front page news! Did you see the latest article in CNN? I like how they used pictures to show the sugar comparisons!

Earlier this year CNN published an article titled: Sugar not only makes you fat, it may make you sick.”

Media awareness is becoming more real about the truth of sugar. Help share awareness and education!

Sugar Drinks to avoid.realw8diet

Akea Essentials Delicious and Nutritious

How to Take Akea

I received my first samples of Akea and was so impressed by how delicious it was in a glass of Mango juice!
Poured the juice into a shaker container, added one serving of Akea, shaked it up and had my first sip.
The taste is delicious. Gulped the rest down!
So good…and so easy!

Take one serving twice daily for optimal benefit, or once daily for maintenance.
It’s easy to make Akea a healthy part of every day.

Take it on an empty stomach, or with meals.
Makes a great pick-me-up, healthy mid-day snack, or a smart choice when there’s no time for a complete meal.
Supports healthy blood sugar levels and sustained energy throughout the day.

Akea comes in powder form and mixes well with any amount of your favorite beverage. Try these ideas…

“Mixers”. Quick & easy favorites to enjoy with Akea.
Juices. It makes a terrific addition to any fresh fruit or vegetable juice.
Smoothies. Akea is a great boost to any smoothie.
Milk. Akea is delicious in vanilla or chocolate almond milk, or cow’s milk.
Water. It also mixes well with your favorite flavored water, such as Vitamin or flavored water.

Here are some favorite quick & tasty mixers to enjoy with Akea…

Coconut water and blueberry pomegranate juice
Mango Juice
Orange/pineapple/apple juice
Chocolate almond milk
Simply Apple Juice
Orange juice — tastes like a Creamsicle!
Grapefruit juice, sweetened or unsweetened
V8 Fusion and organic apple juice
Pure grape juice and water
Vanilla almond milk
Fresh fruit and a little apple juice
Blueberry-pomegranate juice
Grape juice and Ovaltine
Blueberry juice — tastes like a blueberry muffin in liquid form!
Water and Cran-Grape Juice
Almond milk with a teaspoon of coffee or cocoa
Coconut water
Dark chocolate almond milk, with a banana, in a blender
Fresh whole unpasteurized cow’s milk with pureed strawberries

Fortify your body with the best nature has to offer and start creating your very own Longevity Hot Spot now with Akea.

Asantae Akea Ingredients for Life

Akea Ingredients for Life

Asantae’s newest product:
“Akea was not created in a laboratory. It is fermented whole food nutrition completely free of synthetics, dyes, artificial sweeteners and harmful additives…as nature intended.
Fermentation increases the bioavailability of nutrients which accelerates the self-healing process for which our bodies are naturally designed.”
~Gordon Koltis, MD, FACRO

Organic Superfoods: Akea contains a wide variety of fermented superfoods enhanced with probiotics, minerals and enzymes for the world’s most perfect nutritional supplement available.

Hot Spot Proprietary Blend: Akea contains a proprietary blend of organic, fermented Superfoods consumed in the healthiest locales on earth…Longevity Hot Spots.

Probiotics & Enzymes: Akea contains plant-based digestive enzymes and 6 billion live probiotic cells in every daily serving to strengthen gut health and overall wellness.

How many servings of fresh fruits and vegetables do you eat daily?

Asantae Launches New Product Akea

Exciting News!! Asantae has just launched their new product Akea! More information to follow!
Asantae is uploading and updating the new websites!

Akea. The world’s first and only foundational supplement based on Longevity Hot Spot Research.

In virtually all Longevity Hot Spots there are certain foods “Superfoods” that are credited for attributing to their phenomenal health and longevity.

Now, all those naturally health enhancing foods from around the world are available in every serving of Akea.

Only Akea combines the traditional foods of the world’s healthiest cultures with the latest scientific breakthroughs in nutrition to create the first nutraceutical that’s “Hot Spot Healthy.” Each Akea serving delivers pure, whole-food power and goodness to give you the same tremendous health advantages as the world’s healthiest people.

Whole. High-performance, therapeutic whole foods incorporating organic ingredients and delivering nutrients as nature intended.

Cultured. Fermented for enhanced bioavailability and superior health benefits, just like the fermented foods enjoyed by Hot Spot inhabitants such as yogurt, soy, cocoa and vegetables.

Synergistic. A complex matrix of rich nutrients working in synergy to provide the body what it needs, when it needs it.

Fortify your body with the best nature has to offer—no passport required! Each Akea serving contains the same nutrients present in the diets of communities that live the healthiest and longest lives.

When combined with the 5 BluePrint for Life principles, Akea delivers a wide range of benefits for optimal health and longevity. Akea provides support for a wide range of potential health benefits such as:

Increased energy, stamina and vitality*
Enhanced immune system*
Improved heart health*
Increased mental capacity and alertness*
Decreased cravings and improved blood sugar support*
Improved joint mobility*
Improved digestion and elimination*

Over time, you’ll also experience the many rewarding Longevity Hot Spot health benefits that result from optimal nutrition. Order now, here through our site.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Announcing New Product: Asantae iS2

Asantae iS2 is a synergistic blend of 10 key ingredients.

iS2 – Inflammation Support + Immune Support

A tangy tasty tonic of healing elements that are synergistically combined to support a proper immune and inflammatory response. Taste and feel the difference. The iS2 formula is a unique blend that has been coupled with a vitamin mineral profile to create a powerful new supplement that features inflammation and immunity support.

What Makes RealW8 the Best Weight Loss Supplement on the Market?

You have probably heard the old adage; health is wealth. The current lifestyles have subjected many people to lots of weight accumulation, sometimes to very dangerous levels. Carrying lots of weight is not fun and leads to various ailments. This is where weight loss becomes inevitable. Weight loss requires lots of discipline and one of the best ways to keep to the discipline is to enlist into a weight loss plan where you will work with a weight loss coach. Some  weigh loss plans have been proven to work for many people leading to very pleasant results.


Among the many remedies used to fight excess weight is the use of supplements. There are an abundant of supplements available in the market today. Some of these have very little impact while others are known for their positive result. One of the tried and tested weight loss supplements is RealW8. This supplement is considered as among the best weight loss supplements available in the market today. How RealW8 works is that it transforms the way sugar is digested, absorbed and metabolized hence neutralizing the negative impact of sugar spikes. These sugar spikes are known to cause weight gain because of the easily storable fats that excess sugar is converted to. They also result in damage of body tissues like the pancreas, nerves, kidneys and blood vessels among other tissues. Sugar spikes lead to oxidative stress among other changes to the brain which leads to addiction to excess carbohydrates. The craving then lead to overeating and excess fat storage hence accumulation of excess weight. RealW8 being one of the best weight loss supplements has ingredients that are very useful when it comes to counteracting the effect of sugar spikes.


One of the RealW8 ingredients is unrefined organic coffee extract which abounds with antioxidants (plant polyphenols) that have been established to transform glucose metabolism in the body. The other ingredient is macro-algae extract which abounds with polyphenols and marine minerals. This ingredient inhibits the work of some two digestive enzymes that are instrumental in the digestion of fats and sugars. The third RealW8 ingredient is Nopal cactus, peculiar plant compounds that minimize sugar and fat absorption courtesy of gastrointestinal tract. These three ingredients work together in RealW8 to make it very effective in counteracting the effect of sugar spikes.


It is of great import that you get the best weight loss supplement that has been tried and tested for its positive results. There are very many supplements in the market and some of these are not helpful in any way. In fact, some weight loss supplements may have very unpleasant results in the long run. Do not just pick on any supplement out of desperation. Take some time to conduct some background research about prospective weight loss supplements. Has the weight loss supplement worked for other people? How effective has the weight loss supplement been? Is it fast enough? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the supplement? All these are important queries to ask before committing to use any supplement.

The Reasons for Using Our Real W8 Supplement

The Reasons for Using Our Real W8 Supplement

Many people across the world are affected by the effects of obesity either directly or indirectly. This causes a lot of health related problems that are attributed to the body fat content. They also suffer from decreased self-esteem and emotional problems. However, this condition can be easily rectified using RealW8 supplements. These supplements contain natural ingredients that will help you to reduce the weight. They contain raw coffee and organic seaweed. These ingredients have been proven to help in the reduction of blood sugar spike. Therefore, the combination ensures that they are highly effective. You are thus assured of results over a short period of time. The following are the reasons for using the weight loss supplement.

It is Safe!

It is essential to note that the supplement is completely safe for human consumption. This can be proven by the fact that it only contains natural elements. It is a fact that the best weight loss products should also be licensed by the government agencies. This means that it is approved for human consumption. It is also worth to note that Real W8 is made by reputable manufacturers. This helps to guarantee its safety standards.

It is Affordable!

The weight loss product is also significantly cheap. You can easily get the supplements from a variety of online shops. This means that you do not have to shop for a long time in order to get them. It is also worth to note that you are only required to take two pills before meals. This means that you do not have to buy a lot of pills in order to get the required results. It is a fact that the best weight loss products are also easy to find through various stores.

Guaranteed Results!

You are assured of impressive results when you use the RealW8 product. We provide you with instructions on the best ways to manage your weight using the supplements. If you follow the instructions, you are assured of instant results. This means that you do not have to struggle with various weight loss plans that involve a lot of vigorous exercises. You are also not required to strain a lot when losing your weight. This is convenient and highly effective. It will also mean that you do not have to spend a lot while buying gym equipment in order to attain the weight loss.

Has Been Tried and Tested

It is imperative to note that the best weight loss products have been tried and tested by a large number of people. The product has been in use for a significant amount of time. It has also been used by people from different locations. The results have been impressive. Many clients that have used the product can attest to the massive benefits that they have received from it. The realw8 users are also willing to offer positive reviews about the products in the testimonials. This is because they have been able to get impressive results from it.

Holistic Weight Loss Plan

Choosing a Holistic Weight Loss Plan

In many instances, weight loss is a matter of changing the eating habits that have been adopted over time. The weight loss plan you opt for should be able to help you know what to eat, how to eat and when to eat it. At first this may not be easy but with time, it will become second nature to you. A fast weight loss plan should be able to scrutinize keenly your medical history as far as issues to do with weight are concerned. This is very vital and influences the specific weight loss approach employed for the best overall results.

When looking to lose weight fast, people will normally go for weight loss plans that will see them lose weight as fast as possible. Well, this is very possible but it depends on the nature, activities and the weight loss supplements used within the plan. As you look for a weight loss plan, it is vital to consider one that is holistic in all respects. Some weight loss plans are very stringent and rigid without considering that we are human at best! Steer clear of any weight loss program that is not holistic in approach. What this means is that the weight loss plan you consider should help you to eat only healthy food that will assist you keep in the right shape in addition to frequent exercise in order to keep weight controlled.

A holistic weight loss plan should be well supervised so that you are taught and trained on healthy eating as well as making the right choice of food for each and every meal. The foods you adapt will normally be recommended for the rest of your life if the best weight loss results have to be kept consistent. Fast foods, which are very prevalent today, are full of fats and sugars, the two major ingredients for weight gain. You may need to cut down on some of these foods quite significantly when making the right steps towards weight loss.

There are situations where supplements are very instrumental. Again it is important that you work with a weight loss coach for you to know the best weight loss supplement. One weight loss supplement that has a dug itself a niche in the market is realw8. It is one of the best weight loss supplements and has natural ingredients, useful in counteracting the effect of sugar spikes in the body.

Among other important considerations, a good and holistic weight loss plan takes into consideration such things as age, your lifestyle and the amount of weight that must be lost. This is very significant in employing the best weight loss strategies for your situation. Once the goal has been reached, you should never compromise on healthy eating, continuous exercise and use of natural supplements like realw8 so as to maintain the new weight. Weight loss is very important, both to you and to those you love. With your new weight, you can be able to run around and play with your children without any problem. Make it your prime task to look for a holistic weight loss plan that befits your weight loss needs.

It’s True: Diet Coaching Creates Permanent Weight Loss

Have you ever tried something new and succeeded because you knew that someone believed in you? The power of having someone on your side is immense. When it comes to losing weight, supportive coaching can make the difference between reaching your weight loss goals and failing to achieve them. The reason diet coaching creates permanent weight loss is because receiving support encourages us to reach our goals and makes us want to be the best we can be. Stop thinking, “I might as well stay fat because nobody cares.” With the right supportive coaching you can lose pounds and enjoy all the health benefits of living life at a healthy weight.

Why Weight Loss Programs Fail

Weight loss programs fail for a number of reasons. Fad diets often fail because they produce quick weight loss at first but are unsustainable in the long run. Sometimes weight loss programs fail because a person loses motivation or becomes too stressed to maintain the discipline necessary to reach a goal weight or maintain their weight loss. Starvation weight loss programs that cut out entire food groups or which are based on continued deprivation fail because they demand too much from people who are, after all, only human. And sometimes people fail to lose weight or keep weight off because they feel like they are in their struggle alone and find it too much to deal with.

Will Power is Only Part of the Story

Losing weight certainly requires some discipline, and will power is necessary to resist the temptations that surround us every day at home, when out socially, or at work. But will power should be accompanied by other important tools in order for weight loss to be successful. Learning how to select and prepare foods with proper nutrition is important to long term weight loss and the maintenance of it. Physical activity is important, as is learning which psychological triggers lead to overeating and sugar addiction. Losing weight is complex, and it can be hard to keep up with the new living habits and lifestyle changes that are required.Diet coaching can be the key to putting it all together and losing weight for good.

Weight Loss is a Gift to Yourself and Your Loved Ones

When you lose weight you’re not only benefiting yourself, but those you love too. Carrying around excess weight can lead to health problems like high cholesterol, heart disease, and stress on the body’s skeleton and joints. Keeping your weight in the healthy range not only makes life more enjoyable for you, but it improves the lives of those who love you. Being able to play with your children, or knowing that your life expectancy has increased due to maintaining a healthy weight is a gift that continues to give year after year, to both you and those you love. If you haven’t considered diet coaching, maybe it’s time to take another look. You could look better, feel better, and enjoy life more. Few things have a greater payoff long term than investing in yourself.

The Real Weight Diet is proud to offer the services of our certified professional coaches free of charge for those willing to make that commitment to better health and positive lifestyle change. We also utilize a powerful secret Facebook group that provides coaching and support around the clock to keep you motivated and focused on your goals!
Unlock the Power of You! with RealW8 diet and genuine coaching support today!