The Real Weight Diet

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Asantae RealW8™ (Real Weight) is the first weight-loss supplement to address the main catalyst of weight gain and excess fat storage, which is our craving for and overindulgence of carbohydrates and sugar. The real problem is controlling the spikes in blood sugar that occur after we eat the typical American diet. These spikes make us unable to resist the sugar and carbohydrates that big food brands bombard us with constantly. RealW8 is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients scientifically engineered to help you control those carbohydrate and sugar cravings that cause you to gain weight and be unhealthy.

Why RealW8

  • Contains a proprietary blend of natural ingredients to help you control the addiction to sugar and carbohydrates, thus allowing you to lose weight.
  • Among these ingredients is marine macroalgae extract rich in essential marine minerals and polyphenols.
  • Contains a patented raw coffee extract rich in plant polyphenols.
  • Developed using a proprietary formulation process in which the ingredients are scientifically engineered to maximize their benefits.

Benefits of RealW8*

  • Encourages safe and effective weight loss.*
  • Helps you overcome the sugar addiction.
  • Minimizes sugar cravings by changing carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Contains no artificial stimulants.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

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